What is the real meaning?

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

For many people, Christmas is a time of family, gifts and food, but what does it really mean? Well, i guess we are all entitled to our own opinions or beliefs. Yes, I love everything about Christmas. Even the big fat guy in the red costume who for many, many years has been the face of Christmas, he is great. However, he is not what this is all about. This is about something greater, this is about remembering what someone did a long time ago, and as the years have past, so has the meaning. Today, the seasons revolve around food and gifts, but please don’t get me wrong, I love that about this season too, and if you knew me, you would say I love it a little too much, the food is great. Kids stay up waiting for Santa to bring gifts in exchange for cookies and a glass of milk. The truth is, in my house, the kids know who brings the gifts and it’s definitely not Santa, but they do know what he represents. Christmas is a mass celebration of Christ and the biggest gift of all time. This is the reason that i celebrate in the midst of all else that some people might have forgotten or chose to ignore. Either way, the choice to celebrate is there.



reason to celebrate

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

The holiday season is here and with it, the spending begins. It is almost impossible to not spend any money on a daily basis, and why should you not? This is the one time a year we get to spend money without thinking about the consequences of what will come later, or should I say when the credit card statements start coming in. Well, this brings me to my point. Has anybody heard of Groupons? It is a great new (ok maybe not that new) concept that allows you to get exciting deals on restaurants and/or products in your town. Here is how it works. A great deal is made available through Groupon.com, if you like it, you purchase the deal. But the deal is only activated, if a certain amount of people purchase the deal. This ensures big discounts for the consumers and high flow of traffic for the merchants. In my opinion, it is a win-win kind of situation. I have been using Groupon for a few months and I love it. Here is an example of today’s deal in my town, http://www.groupon.com/orlando/. If you are an individual, Groupon is the perfect opportunity to impress your lady or significant other with a nice dinner or night out in the town and save on most cases 50% or more. If you are a business, you’ll be crazy not to take advantage of this service, yes the discounts given to people are enormous. However, this will drive the masses to your establishment making it profitable, Plus it will bring new customers that never visited your location or even the ones that never knew you were in the map. Oh yea, and did I mention I love Groupon? Well, this is the season to celebrate, so log on, find you a great deal and lets start saving some money this holiday.

And the Blogging begins.

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

As my first blog, i chose to write about how it is that you do this, some people say it’s like writing in a journal and others write about something that you are passionate about.  But what about people who blog for a living? They can’t possibly blog only about they are passionate about and they will find themselves with limited topics. The truth is I don’t even know how to blog or what to blog about. What I do know is that I want to know how to, so I figured this will brake the ice and will get me closer to goal of being able to blog about any topic, whether passionate about the topic or not. This Month I am taking an Online Communication course at Full Sail University, which will be of great help, along with my instructor Mr. Cossin. Alright people, feel free to leave any comments (good or bad), it will be greatly appreciated and this will help my development.